The FairHealth's aim

Better understand if, why and how perceptions of justice of employees at work influence musculoskeletal disorders.

The FairHealth project involves: 

Analyzing the mechanisms through which (in)justice perceptions affect MSDs.

Improving the promotion of employee health and well-being in the culture of organizations.

Monitoring two observational, prospective cohort studies combined with a longitudinal qualitative investigation.

A multidisciplinary team

The Fairhealth project brings together researchers from management sciences, occupational medicine, organizational psychology, ergonomics, epidemiology, pharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology.

Caroline Manville

Karim Mignonac

Assâad El Akremi

Eugénie Joseph

Mathilde Dupui

Yves Roquelaure

Nicole Vézina

Alexis Descatha

Fabrice Hérin

Maryse Lapeyre-Mestre

Thierry Lang

Sébastien Lamy

Dirk Steiner

Sandrine Caroly

Annie Sobaszek

Michel Niezborala

Véronique Tassy

Erick Marganne

The whole team