Karim Mignonac is a professor of organizational behaviour and human resource management at Toulouse School of Management, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, CNRS (UMR 5303). He is currently the Director of the TSM-Research.

His research interests include workplace commitment/identification, wellbeing, and cynicism. His work has been published in a variety of journals, including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and Human Relations, among others.

His CV is available as a PDF file.


2015–present : Elected member of the French National Council of the Universities (CNU)

2010–2014 : Director of the doctoral program in management

2009–present : Head of the HRM Research team, TSM Research (UMR CNRS 5303)

2009–2016 : Head of the HRM Department, Toulouse School of Management

2009–present : Professor [Professeur agrégé des universités], University of Toulouse 1 Capitole

2002–2009  Associate professor [Maître de conferences], University of Toulouse 1 Capitole


2001  Ph.D. Human Resource Management, University of Toulouse 1

1998  M.S. Management Science, University of Toulouse 1

1997  M.A. Business Administration, University of Toulouse 1

1996  B.A. Political Science, Institut d’Études Politiques de Toulouse

Research fields

Workplace commitment and identification, well-being at work, cynicism, implication, occupational health

Recent publications

Mignonac, K.,  Herrbach,  O.,  Serrano  Archimi,  C.  and  Manville,  C.  (in  press).  Navigating  ambivalence: Perceived organizational prestigesupport  discrepancy  and  its  relation  to  employee cynicism and silence. Journal of Management Studies. doi:10.1111/joms.12330  Meiseberg, B., Mignonac, K., Perrigot, R., & El Akremi, A. (2017). Performance implications of  centrality in franchisee advice networks. Managerial and Decision Economics, 38:8, 1227–1236.

Manville, C., El Akremi, A., Niezborala, M., & Mignonac, K. (2016). Injustice hurts, literally: The  role of sleep and emotional exhaustion in the relationship between organizational justice and  musculoskeletal disorders. Human Relations, 69:6, 1315-1339.

Vandenberghe, C., Mignonac, K., & Manville, C. (2015). When normative commitment leads to lower well‐being and reduced performance. Human Relations, 68:5, 843-870.

Mignonac, K., Vandenberghe, C., Perrigot, R., El Akremi, A., & Herrbach, O. (2015). A multi‐study investigation of outcomes of franchisees’ affective commitment to their franchise organization. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 39:3, 461–488.

Gatignon‐Turnau, A. L. & *Mignonac, K. (2015). (Mis)Using employee volunteering for public  relations:  Implications  for  corporate  volunteers’  organizational  commitment.  Journal  of  Business Research, 68:1, 7–18.  An earlier abridged version of this paper was published in the 2013 Academy of Management Best  Paper Proceedings.

Grant and awards (selection)

◦ 2018-2022: French National Research Agency (ANR): Programme PRC FAIRHEALTH: “Injustice perceptions in the workplace and musculoskeletal disorders: A prospective study of causal associations and underlying mechanisms” (project team member)

◦ 2012–2016: French National Research Agency (ANR): Programme Blanc  FRANBLE: “European Commission regulation, its consequences on practices, conflicts  and performance in franchising: A multidisciplinary and international approach”  ( project team member)

◦ 2008–2011: French National Research Agency (ANR): Programme Blanc  FRANMIX: “La mixité des formes organisationnelles au sein des réseaux de franchise,  ses antécédents et ses conséquences en termes de management et de performance”  (co‐lead investigator)

External services

◦ 2015–present : Elected member of the French National Council of the Universities (CNU)

◦ 2013-present  Nominated: member  of  the  Scientific  Committee  of  Pole  Emploi  (French  governmental agency for job seekers)

◦ 2017 : Expert for the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education  (HCERES)

◦ 2013-present  Member of the Review Board, Revue de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (ISSN:  1163‐913X)

◦ 2010–2013 : Associate Editor, M@n@gement (ISSN: 1286‐4892)