Nicole Vézina is Professor at UQAM, Canada. She is responsible for the ergonomic Master's program. She is member of an interdisciplinary research center in occupational and environmental health (CINBIOSE, UQAM). She is also a member of the Institute of Woman Research and Studies (IREF, UQAM) and a member of the Health and Society Institute (ISS, UQAM).

Her research interests center on the analysis of preventive ergonomic interventions of musculoskeletal diseases and training on work sites.

Le Travail Humain, Relations Industrielles, The International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics and Occupatonal Ergonomics are examples of journals where her work has been published. 


◦ Professor of Ergonomics, UQAM (Canada)


◦ Ph.D. of Ergonomics - Paris Nord University (France)

◦ D.E.A. of Ergonomics - Paris Nord, University (France)

◦ Master's degree in Biology - Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)

Research fields

Ergonomics, workplace, organizational work factors, musculoskeletal disorders


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