The FairHealth project has three main objectives.

1) Better understand the mechanisms through which (in)justice perceptions affect MSDs

Building on theoretical frameworks that bridge the biomedical and psychosocial models of stress, our first objective is to generate a more extensive understanding of the process by which justice perceptions affect MSDs. Our central hypothesis is that perceived (in)justice at work will indirectly affect subsequent MSDs via its impact on (poor) psychological detachment from work during off-job; individual and situational boundary conditions on this process will be examined.

2) Advance the knowledge on the causal and dynamic associations between (in)justice and MSDs

Our second objective is to examine the incidence and recurrence of employee MSDs longitudinally and show how this relates to (changes in) fairness perceptions over time. Whereas there is accumulating evidence indicating that the direction of the association between justice perceptions and employee psychological well-being is rather in the direction from justice toward well-being than the reverse, evidence concerning the causal associations between justice and MSDs is sorely lacking. To provide the evidence that fairness perceptions are an important antecedent of MSDs, we will use a cross-lagged panel design and examine whether intra-individual changes that might occur over time in fairness perceptions could influence MSDs via changes in mediating variables.

3) Disentangle the respective roles of different sources of (in)justice

Our third objective is to examine whether the organizational justice–MSDs relationship depends on how employees react differently when they perceive injustice due to their supervisor or organization. As recent studies underline the importance of incorporating new sources of justice beyond the traditional emphasis on the organization and the supervisor, we will also explore whether external sources of (in)justice, such as clients, as well as internal sources of (in)justice, such as co-workers, impact employee MSDs. Finally, to provide a more comprehensive picture of the employee justice experience, we will explore the potential for joint effects of different sources of justice on employee MSDs.